HPI distributes 100% of Distributable Earnings each Financial Year subject to ensuring HPI maintains sufficient liquidity to fund forecast working capital and capital expenditure requirements.

HPI intends to pay Distributions on a half yearly basis with distribution periods ending, 30 June and 31 December each year.

Key Event Dates for FY24

Ex-Entitlement Date Wednesday, 27 December 2023

Record Date Friday, 28 June 2024

Full Year Results Announcement Friday, 16 August 2024

Issue of AMMA Statement Friday, 16 August 2024

Distribution Payment Date Friday, 6 September 2024

Distribution Reinvestment Plan

In May 2023 HPI reintroduced a Distribution Reinvestment Plan. To participate in the DRP (in whole or in part) or to change DRP preferences, securityholders should read the DRP Plan Rules and update their preferences online at Link Market Services or complete the form below.

Under the Plan, you may elect to have distributions made on some or all of your HPI Stapled Securities
automatically reinvested in additional HPI Stapled Securities.

You are eligible to participate in the Plan if your address on the HPI security register is in Australia or New Zealand.

You may elect to participate by completing an Application Form, specifying whether you wish to participate in full or in part, and returning the Application Form to the Security Registrar.

Link to form: https://www.hpitrust.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/HPI-DRP-variation-form.pdf

If you elect to participate in full in the Plan, then all Stapled Securities held by you at the relevant Record Date for the relevant distribution will be treated as participating in the Plan. If you choose partial participation, only the specific number of Stapled Securities nominated will participate in the Plan.

No, participation is entirely optional.

The Administrators will determine for each distribution whether or not a discount will be applied to the Plan. The discount, if any, will be announced to ASX at the time the relevant distribution is announced to ASX.

Yes, Stapled Securities allotted or transferred under the Plan rank equally in all respects with existing Stapled Securities from the date of allotment.

Stapled Securities will be allotted or transferred at the daily volume weighted average market price of all HPI Stapled Securities traded on the ASX during the first 20 Trading Days on and from the first date the Stapled Securities trade on the ASX on an ex-entitlement basis in respect of the relevant Distribution, less any applicable discount.

The number of Stapled Securities to be allotted or transferred to each DRP Participant depends on the value of the distribution declared. The exact number of Stapled Securities will be the value of the distribution entitlement divided by the Subscription Price, rounded down to the nearest whole number of Stapled Securities.

No brokerage or other transaction/administration costs are payable by DRP Participants on Stapled Securities allotted.

Additional information, including the DRP Rules can be obtained from the investor centre on the HPI website:
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