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Security Purchase Plan

On 19 November 2020 HPI announced a Security Purchase Plan, under which eligible securityholders in Australia and New Zealand will be invited to subscribe for up to $30,000 in additional securities, free of any brokerage or transaction costs, at the Issue Price of $3.04 per security, same as the Placement price.

Eligible Securityholders are those who were registered holders as at 7.00 pm (Sydney time) on 18 November 2020 (Record Date) with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand.

The SPP provides Eligible Securityholders with an opportunity to apply for up to $30,000 in new Securities at a price of $3.04 per security.  The SPP will be capped at $8 million and will not be underwritten. If total demand for the SPP exceeds $8 million, HPI reserves the right to scale back the maximum number of new Securities issued to each Eligible Securityholder at its absolute discretion.

The launch of the SPP follows the recent announcement by HPI regarding a $40 million equity placement to institutional and other wholesale investors who have subscribed for 13,157,895 Securities at $3.04 per Security (the Placement).

Participation in the SPP is entirely voluntary.  All Securities issued under the SPP will rank equally with existing Securities and will carry the same voting rights and entitlement to receive distributions.

No brokerage, commissions or other transaction costs apply to purchases under the SPP.

Further information on the SPP was sent to eligible securityholders by email for those securityholders who have elected to receive electronic communications, or otherwise by mail, on 27 November 2020. This information contains each securityholder’s personalised application form.

To apply for Securities under the SPP, please follow the instructions on the personalised Application Form or visit

The SPP opens at 10.00 am (Sydney time) on 27 November 2020 and will close at 5.00 pm (Sydney time) on 10 December 2020. Late applications will not be accepted. HPI reserves the right to vary the Closing Date without prior notice subject to the Corporations Act and the Listing Rules.