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ASX Announcements

Date Title
8 September 2020 Appendix 2A
2 September 2020 Change in substantial holding from MUFG
26 August 2020 Becoming a substantial holder
25 August 2020 Change of Director's Interest Notice
21 August 2020 Dividend/Distribution - HPI

Welcome to HPI

Hotel Property Investments owns a portfolio of freehold properties, comprising pubs along with associated speciality stores located on the pub sites.

For investor information, please visit our Investor Centre or Contact Us for more information.

Find information about the Security Purchase Plan here.

ASX Security Price




9.70 cents per security, June 2020.
Visit the Distribution page.


Key Dates

FY2020 Annual Report, 
19 August 2020.

June 2020 Distribution, 
4 September 2020.